Animals that live in a tropical rain forest scale from bugs to large mammals. Different animals live in different layers, or strata, of a rain forest. 

Harpy Eagle (Harpia Harpyja)

The Harpy Eagle is one of the most majestic Amazon birds. It is over a meter tall and has a wingspan of 2 meters. It's legs and feet are very thick and powerful, while its head is a crest of grey-ish feathers.

 It's name refers to the harpies of Ancient Greek Mythology. Harpies were wind spirits that took the dead to Hades. They were said to have a body like an eagle and the face of a human. The Harpy Eagle is similar to this description because of the crest of feathers that surrounds it's face. Thus, it looks like it has the body of an eagle and the face of a human. 

Harpy Eagles prey on monkeys, sloths, and birds. They spend their time perched on branches and watching out for food. Once they find something to eat they will glide towards it, with their claws out, and grab the prey with a swoop. Because the females are larger then males, they are able to catch larger prey.

The Harpy Eagle can be found in southern Central America to the Amazon, but it is very hard to find. Deforestation is taking away it's habitat and as a result, it's population is going down. 

Green Anaconda (Eunectes Murinus)

The Green Anaconda is a large, nonvenomous snake that can be found in South America. This snake is also one of the world's longest snakes and is also the heaviest snake in the world. It's color pattern is an olive-green background with black blotches on the body. It's eyes and nose are set above the head which allows it to wait for prey while completely underwater.

Anacondas live in swamps, marshes, and slow-moving streams. They can mainly be found in the tropical rainforests of the Amazon and Orinoco basins. They are difficult to handle on land but are stealthy in the water. They eat almost anything they can overpower (fish, birds, some mammals, other reptiles). Very large anacondas might be able to eat larger prey like deer, jaguars, and crocodiles but they do not usually eat such large meals. There are also times when cannibalism happens. It usually happens where the larger female anaconda consumes the smaller male.


 Article By: Ashley Nguyen 
Heres a few pictures of the Poison Dart Frog doing it's buisness but keep in note that they are cool because they come in different colors. Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Combinations and anything you can think of. I thought I would share those pictures. -Mary Matthews.