This section is going to talk about regular Rainforests, and answer questions about them!

What is a Rainforest?

Believe it or not, alot of people don't know what it is.
A rainforest is a place that contains more than half of the worlds species in animals. Rainforests are the world's oldest ecosystems. Each rainforest has a natural unique difference to it in some way, shape, or form. We get some of our daily ingredients from there such as cinnamon, chocolate, sugar, rubber, medicine, & pineapples. These little places called rainforests contain as many as 30 million species in plants and animals. 

Why is a Rainforest Called a Rainforest?

This is a very common question often asked.
A rainforest is called a rainforest because of the high amounts of rain fall it gets per year. How do you think animals live, they drink much water and eat off of fruit and it's own mankind. Why do you think there so happy? They actually have a home that doesn't have a building collapsed over it. They have everything they've ever wanted. Thanks to the rain, alot of humans wouldn't want to mow over such a place where they'd be flooded every day. Animals now can have there peace and quiet to themselves. All 6% of it.

How is a Rainforest Important to Our Ecosystems?

This is a very important question most people need to understand.

Rainforests are Important,

 Rainforests are an important ecosystem because they supply life and 20% of the world's oxygen and that is just in the Amazon Rainforest. Compared to other rainforest's it supports by far the most oxygen but with them all together they supply 28% of the world's oxygen. That is quite alot and all the medicines and species, rainforest's are such a gifted thing in this world. Without rainforests the world would be too urban and there will be no fresh air supply, no sweet little animals to study and a total disaster. People would die out and everybody that throws coke bottles to the ground are just plain ruining the rainforests and they are dieing out and some day people will come to realize how important they were. This is a very important ecosystem and people need to come to realize that.  It is home everything you could imagine and if it get's destroyed, there will be no more medicines.

All of these articles were written by Mary M.