This website was created by Mary & Ashley.

The next time you throw a coke bottle at the ground, remember your little buddies and rare species in the tropical rainforest.

What Mary did.........

Hi this is Mary. I created this weebly account and I did the layout until I got it just right. Also, I worked on the plants and I did a predator and prey relationship on the Poison Dart Frog and the Amazon Ground Snake. Along with the introudtion to the predator and prey. In the end I also did all five sections of Climate, along with the introduction of climate. I also did an extra section for fun in the fun facts. Along with this paragraph.

What Ashley did.........

Jello! This is Ashley. I worked on the Animals section of this site and did a predator/prey relationship on the Leaf Cutter Ant and the Giant Anteater. I also added some interesting facts on The Amazon. For extras, I put up a short video showing a little bit of Amazon life. In the end, I wrote this paragraph. 

Mary's Reflective Statement.

Hello this is Mary Matthews. Honestly I have learned alot from being Ashley's partner. Learning from others is a fun thing. Taking up the responsibility in willing to let others work with you pass or fail takes alot of courage. Also in the end it will be a great experience full of fun and even making a new friend. So far I have learned alot from Ashley about birds and animals, plants and ecosystems and it was fun. Even though this may be boring for some, this is a new experience to me and I am proud to call her my partner.  

Ashley's Reflective Statement.

Hi this is Ashley Nguyen. I also learned a lot from being Mary's partner. Bringing up the courage to work with others is a huge accomplishment for me because I am the type to do things alone. It was fun to listen to the ideas we both came up with and it was also fun working on this website. In the end, I learned about a type of ecosystem, what is in that ecosystem, and made a new friend. If we pass (or fail) this project, I hope we'll still be friends Mary! 

Time Line 

5/4/10 Mary made Layout and made weebly account.
5/4/10 Mary did her reflective statement.
5/4/10 Ashley did her reflective statement.
5/4/10 Mary started Plants.
5/4/10 Ashley started Animals.
5/4/10 Ashley started Amazon.
5/4/10 Ashley added a video to extras.
5/5/10 Mary started and ended Fun Facts.
5/5/10 Mary started her part in Predator/Prey. 
5/5/10 Ashley finished Animals.
5/7/10 Mary added something to animals 
5/24/10 Ashley started The Amazon Rainforest
5/29/10 Mary finished plants.
6/1/10 Ashley finished her part in Predator/Prey
6/1/10 Ashley continued The Amazon Rainforest
6/1/10 Mary finished climate.
6/8/10 Ashley added to Resources
6/9/10 Mary finished her Resources & added her last line to her "What Mary did" paragraph.
6/9/10 callaborative project is complete, enjoy!